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Right away, you’ll notice something different with EyeMed

Eyecare is about much more than being be able to read effortlessly or drive carefully. Our eyesight changes constantly through life and, crucially, it can be the window to potentially serious, underlying problems.

Membership of EyeMed not only enables you to maintain good vision health, it provides easy access to professional optical care and also helps you save money with a range of simple-to- administer benefits, not to mention an unrivalled choice of brand-leading eyewear.

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See the savings

EyeMed members save an average of 71% off the retail price of eye exams and glasses* through our extensive network of participating opticians. Our aim is always to offer you high quality lenses and contacts with the best service, the widest choice and the greatest savings.

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Style with choice

Eyewear has come a long way, ensuring the route to corrective vision is one that is also fashionable and stylish. With EyeMed membership, you get to choose from the most extensive range of brands on the market.

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Keeping it simple

Life is busy so, like everything else with your EyeMed membership, our aim is to make things easy. We have an extensive network of optical partners, from independent practices to high street chains.

Prevention is better than cure

A regular eye exam not only ensures you stay on top of good vision, it’s also an important part of preventative healthcare. Conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, increased cholesterol, heart disease, cataracts and glaucoma are all things an optical professional can identify, often at an early stage and before things progress.

There’s more in store

Use your EyeMed benefits to shop at your favorite in-network, online eyewear stores.

* US benefit programme