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Access to health, dental and eyecare insurance is often cited by employees as topping the list of workplace benefits. In fact, it’s up there with flexible hours, remote working options and the freedom to extend annual or unpaid leave.

But when it comes to eyecare it’s an element of our wellbeing we can easily overlook. Never mind the fact many of us “simply forget” to have regular sight tests and optical health checks, estimates suggest as many as one-in-five of us may need some kind of correction, but have no idea.


EyeMed helps offer vision care solutions to your employees that go beyond legislative compliance. So, when you think about your employees, a high percentage of them are in need of vision correction, whether for themselves or for a family member. With the effects of ageing, the increase in screen usage time, ensuring the safety of those who drive for their job and – perhaps – prolonged periods of remote working, vision care is becoming ever more important.

EyeMed makes it easier and more affordable to get much needed treatment and products. And in addition to helping employees perform their roles safely and comfortably, it’s important to remember regular testing can aid early identification and treatment of a range of health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure.


We’re all about flexibility and this is how EyeMed works…

Bronze membership costs as little as £6 a month – the cost of a couple of coffees – and yet it offers discounted eye examinations and an allowance of £100 to be redeemed against lenses and frames along with other discounts. Silver and Gold memberships (£12.50 and £22.50 a month respectively) come with additional services and an allowance of up to £300 that can be redeemed at our extensive network of opticians across the UK.

As an employer, you simply choose the level of benefits you wish to make available to your staff and the way in which you prefer to administer things. Our team will guide you through every step.


100% of clients say we’re easy to work with

  • Open enrolment and communication support to make sure employees understand their benefits
  • Welcome Kit with ID cards for all enrolled employees
  • User-friendly tools like our Enhanced Provider Search tool


Members get more of what they want when we focus on our network, benefits and creating an easy experience – because every solution we generate is designed to save money, save time or make life easier. Healthcare costs are rising. Needs are shifting. People have more to do and less time to do it. We’re here to help you face these challenges – and more. Get in touch to see how we can help.

Why Vision? To help your employees see life to the fullest

It’s a big, bold, beautiful world out there – with so much to experience, so much to see. And because the eyes are the window to it all, vision benefits play a leading role. When your employees have outstanding vision care, great things can happen. They’re healthier. They’re happier. Plus, they’re more productive.

But vision care can lead to great things for you, too. Think: competitive benefit packages that may help you attract and retain talent, and potentially lower overall healthcare expenses.

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