See — and hear — all of life’s sweet sounds

With EyeMed, you get access to hearing discounts through Amplifon Hearing Health Care, a nationwide hearing health care provider.

Hearing loss is more common than you might think

It affects 1 in 9 Americans and can come on so gradually you may not even notice it. But the good news is that 95% of hearing loss can be easily treated with hearing aids1. That’s why your hearing discount through Amplifon includes:

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Save up to 60% off the retail price on thousands of hearing aids from the top brands

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If you find the same product at a lower price somewhere else, Amplifon will beat it by 5%

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60-day hearing aid trial period with no restocking fees

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2 years of free batteries mailed directly to your home

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1 year of unlimited follow-up care and a 3-year warranty including coverage for repairs, loss or damage

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Access thousands of hearing health providers nationwide

Call 888.407.7177 to find a hearing care provider near you and schedule a hearing exam

Start hearing better in 3 easy steps

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Call 888.407.7177

Call Amplifon at 888.407.7177 and a patient care advocate will help you find a  nearby hearing care provider.

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Make an appointment

Our advocate will explain the Amplifon process, request your mailing information and help you make a hearing care appointment.

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Use your discount

Amplifon will send information to both you and your hearing care provider. This will ensure your Amplifon discount is activated.

Not hearing like you used to?

It’s a good idea to get your hearing checked periodically, or if you experience: consistent exposure to loud noises, ringing in your ears, difficulty hearing conversations in noisy places, or asking people to repeat themselves.

1- Better Hearing Institute

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