Above all else, we make benefits easy

We want to make it as simple as possible for members to take care of their vision health.

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Getting off to a good start

We provide open enrollment support, personalized communications to increase engagement, award-winning resources and ongoing educational content. Because we want employees to understand the value of eye health – and understand their benefits.

Benefits gone mobile

Our benefits are as connected as every other part of employees’ lives. Whether they want to manage their benefit and get answers on their computer, in the palm of their hands via their smartphone or by talking to a real person, we’ve got them covered.

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Members can view their benefits, locate a provider (with enhanced search criteria) and schedule an appointment , view special offers and more

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Or, they can manage their benefits on the EyeMed Members App with many of the same features, plus the ability to store prescriptions and reminders

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For those who opt-in, we’ll share things like benefit information, quick tips and guides, special offers and wellness information

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If members have questions beyond our online or printed resources, our award-winning call center agents are available 7 days a week.